The Story

Please read to bottom, as I’ve come a long way and things are going awesome!

This is my story. A story I’ve told many times and don’t really enjoy talking about much but feel it needs to be told on my blog.

Lily, Forrest and me at the Saint John Regional Hospital,March 2012

We’ve all heard and read many stories of people going to the doctor and hearing the scary words “You have canSer” (spelt different on purpose to not give it meaning in my life anymore, I learned that one from Kris Carr – thank you!). Well, I didn’t even hear that on Feb 28th, 2012 when I went to bed with my wife Brittany like any other night. She woke up in the middle of the night to find me having some sort of seizure. I can’t imagine how scary this was… I mean I used to do a lot of weird things in my sleep like talk, walk around… run around lol but nothing like this before.

So, from what I understand, I was rushed to the hospital where I continued to seizure a number of times. I was rushed in and put into a coma to let my body relax and stop the seizing. A few scans were done and they thought I either had a stroke or had a brain tumour. The neurosurgeon did an biopsy and found the 2nd was true. They put me back together and I was put in a room to slowly wake up. I had the roughest few days of my life. Man was I tripping when I woke up. My family has many stories about me that we can laugh about now but I was seeing a lot of crazy stuff for a few nights! I may have found that fun back in my early 20’s but not anymore! haha

Skip ahead a few months and the doctors recommend that I go in for surgery to have it removed (much to my “shagrin”). Everything went great, very successful! Next I went through some Radiation and Chemo. Not fun but successful!

Enough with all those details, I’m feeling very good today and I’ve learned a lot over the past 8 months and I want to share this with everyone that is interested. Some may want to listen to my information while others may already have everything figured out. Trust me, I had no idea how to get through this and for me the best way was to research as much as I could so I’ve read and seen A LOT of things that I didn’t know before. As I said, hopefully it can help people somehow, some way.

Not only is this blog for survivors and thrivers, but I also think there will be some great information shared to help others who just want to be extremely well and take care of their Health.

If this Blog isn’t for you, that is fine, just don’t bother reading it. If you enjoy it, please share this information freely with others in your family and circle of friends, thanks!

2015 Update:

Things have turned very good and I feel great. I’ve been back to work at JD Irving in the IT Division and continue to feel better each and every day.

Forrest and I in November, 2015

I’m very lucky to be going to the gym, working and loving life! I still am going for MRI’s every 3-6 months and everything seems great!

Lots of love,

Adrian aka “The Gr8ful Bugger”

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