Illness Prevention: Osteopaths…

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone really know what Osteopathy is??? It’s something that we’ve heard a lot of the past few years but may not really understand? Here’s a definition online that seems to make sense to me:

a branch of medical practice that emphasizes the treatment of medical disorders through the manipulation and massage of the bones, joints, and muscles.


There can be many benefits to seeing an Osteopath… I found an article online that may help some understand why it might be worth it to look into visiting an Osteopath in your area. Here are a few that I feel are important:

  • Removes the underlying cause of pain
  • Decreases the stress on the joints
  • Reduces scars and adhesions

You can read more benefits at the link below. If you are interested in visiting an Osteopath, simply register at to find Ostepaths in your area!

Source: Benefits of Osteopathic Medicine

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