What People Misunderstand About Epilepsy…

My partner, Tania, found this site for me a couple of weeks ago called TheMighty (love the name) where people “Face disability, disease and mental illness together.”

Recently, I’ve had a few issues with my Epilepsy (yes, I have Epilepsy as some may not know). My health is in good condition, especially physically but I’ve had a seizure recently (at work) and am in the process of taking some time off to regroup, see my doctors and hopefully feel better (mentally).

TheMighty seems like a great place to interact with others who are dealing with the same issues. I think it’s a great place for anyone to sign up that has an illness where they need support and more information.

It’s hard when you seem physically fine but sometimes get overwhelmed easily, forget things, feel fatigued, etc. It’s really hard for people to understand this that haven’t been through it. I read once that it’s not the same as having a broken leg and being able to recover fully.

I’ve been lucky since I had my brain tumour removed in June 2012 and have been able to lead a fairly normal life (although some wonder if I was ever “normal”… whatever “normal” is šŸ™‚ )

Enough about me… I found this story on TheMighty and found it interesting and also I can relate to it… Please read and help spread awareness that even though we appear “Okay” sometimes we are dealing with other struggles.



A woman with epilepsy talks about what the general public misunderstands about her condition.

Source: Woman Discusses What People Misunderstand About Her Epilepsy | The Mighty

2 thoughts on “What People Misunderstand About Epilepsy…

  1. Hi Adrian

    So great to hear from you!

    A lot has been going on with me – so far I have had 10 brain tumours. LOL so crazy! My last surgery in Halifax in March 2016, the surgeon removed 6 tumours. Marty and I just got back from Boston – we met with a doctor who specializes in my type of tumours (Reoccurring Atypical Meningiomas) she has a few clinical trials that I ‘may” be a candidate for. They are presently doing genetic testing. It’s all crazy and very expensive $$$

    I wanted to tell you that our oldest son Max had *Sylvian epilepsy*. He started having grand mal seizures at the age of 8 every single night! It was terrifying for us as parents till we got use to the routine. Since all his seizures occurred at night, we choose to NOT give him any medication. The seizures were difficult as he would often release his bladder and be totally exhausted the next morning.

    As years went by, his seizures turned into ‘Night terrors” Yep he would run down the street in his underwear in the middle of the night – totally not aware of where he was – LOL – We even had a police man bring him home one night. No understanding of epilepsy. Eventually his seizures decreased, turned into night mares and then gone by the age of 16. In scouts he was always bunked with the deaf child?!?

    Epilepsy is NO big deal! It really is no big deal.

    We are on our way to Halifax tomorrow to spend a few days with our youngest son John and his wife Julia. Looking forward to a break from brain tumours šŸ˜‰

    Take care of yourself

    Much love Marie-Anne Pollack

    1. Hi Marie-Anne!!!

      Great to hear from you. Your inspiration and attitude are amazing. I have only had 2 seizures in the past couple of years so I’m doing well with it! I do have Grand Mal seizures so it always takes me a little while to get back on track.

      I also wrote this post to let people know that some people may appear to be physically able (I’m actually exercising a lot! I took up swimming and love it) but we sometimes are struggling with being overwhelmed, confused and anxious, etc.

      I know Epilepsy is not a huge deal and I’m managing with it, I hope you find what you need in Boston. If I can do anything to help please don’t hesitate to contact me!

      Take care, hopefully see you someday down the road.

      Much love,

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