The Food Babe “Drink Starbucks? Wake Up And Smell The Chemicals!”

Hello Everyone,

Anyone seriously interested in their health should definitely get on board and follow one of our favourite blogs/investigators – The Food Babe.

For years, Vani Hari (aka The Food Babe) has been investigating large food corporations and food chains to question their ingredients and how they create their “foods”. She’s had great success and continues her mission with her latest post regarding Starbucks famous pumpkin spice latte’s. If you are a Starbucks fan (as I used to be at one time), I highly recommend you read the post and watch the video of her on a recent news telecast (embedded in the post).

The Food Babe - Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
The Food Babe – Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

One thing I’ve noticed about Starbucks (as Vani mentions in the video in her post) is that it’s impossible to get ingredient lists for ANYTHING from Starbucks. I’ve asked employee’s there a number of times for ingredient lists for certain “drinks” and they never know any of the ingredients – not the employee’s fault if they aren’t supplied the lists!

She’s also had great success forcing large chains to remove some of their harmful ingredients. For example she’s gotten Subway to remove their “yoga mat” ingredient from their bread and has had many meetings with other chains and corporations.

For more information and to join the Food Babe Army, a growing by the hundreds of thousands of people who care about what large corporations are doing to our “food” you can find and follow her at the following social media links:

Hopefully there will be more and more pressure from the public and bloggers like Vani to help bring a stop to all the garbage that is in most of our food. This sort of thing also reminds us to CHECK THE INGREDIENTS (hilarious video regarding labels) on everything you buy… that is if you want to eat healthy, real food! To each their own…

Lots of love,


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