More promising Cannabis news???

As most of may know, I’ve written and shared a number of resources regarding my thoughts on Cannabis Oil and why I think it’s important that everyone can have access to it. Here are a few of my posts that I’ve shared in the past few months.

As a cancer survivor, I feel the need to express my feelings about this topic over and over since it doesn’t seem to be a priority in Canada to legalize any sort of Cannabis even if it doesn’t get you high (which is the case of properly processed Cannabis Oil). There’s a large number of resources and research over the years that explain the amazing benefits of taking Cannabis Oil. It’s even been recommended and proved to help young children deal with Epilepsy and control their seizures.

A friend of mine sent an interesting CNN article to me the other day that will hopefully get the ball rolling in the U.S and then maybe Canada will follow (ie: get their ass in gear). In the US, there is a bill that has been proposed to the Senate to legalize Cannabis with low THC in all states other than the few it’s currently legal in.

Important points from the article include:

  • Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014 would amend Controlled Substances Act
  • Federal bill introduced in U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Scott Perry
  • Bill would exempt plants with low percentage of THC, chemical that makes users high

There is a lot of other very interesting information and stories included in the article.

Dr Sanjay Gupta

There’s also a very impressive video from renowned Dr Sanjay Gupta explaining the benefits of Cannabis with low amounts of THC to help treat certain illnesses. Please watch it as it explains it extremely well in 1 minute and 39 seconds!

I will continue to post information regarding Cannabis Oil and it’s benefits for as long as I can because I know that there are many, many people and their families in Canada that could benefit immensely!

Unfortunately, it’s going to be too late for some of them but I hope the government can do something about it to help those that still need it!

Lots of love,





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