I’m like a bad cold…REALLY???

Ahhh… dirty old conflict… why do some enjoy it so much? Let’s just all get along and enjoy the Journey, together. I feel, we are all in this together whether people want to admit it or not.

Lots of love,

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

So Kenneth, I think it’s time for you to start blogging again!” he said

Yesterday I had coffee with one of my dearest friends and the conversation was one of those typical coffee house conversations that touched upon many of the major issues in the NEWS of the past month;

—) “Syria, the conflict never seems to end

—) “The Palestinian/Israeli conflict, haven’t we heard about this once before?”

—) “Russia and Ukraine; who really gained anything by shooting down that plane?”

—-) “The new Barista who works at the coffee shop we hang out at; that’s kind of a low cut shirt for a barista isn’t it?

—-) “Do you think that customer has had plastic surgery or not? Those seem a little bit too big for her frame don’t they?

I’ve been away…

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