I hate my life…REALLY???

Another awesome post from the Culture Monk on I hate my life…REALLY???

Gr8ful Bugger Alive
“TGIA” Thank God/Goodness I’m Alive

For years, I’ve always “hated” the phrase TGIF. Where I used to work I would ask people how they were doing and I’d always get “Well, it’s Friday, so that’s great!” or the old “TGIF!” as they’d walk past me. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s healthy to live for Friday’s and Vacations… I think you should enjoy your life everyday and be grateful for what you. If you aren’t feeling that way, then maybe it’s time for a lifestyle change? I was seriously going to try to start a trend where people would say “TGIA” – Thank God/Goodness I’m Alive. However, I’m not sure if that would have stuck in that type of environment where people feel it’s important to be “busy” all the time and let people know that. Below is a quote from the post that I hope hits home with some (or 1) of you are reading this post:

I woke up one day and realized that I spent all week looking forward to Friday night. With 52 weeks in the year I was basically being grumpy and crotchety for 260 days every year

Are you feeling exhausted and worn out in your life? Is that really a fun, healthy way to live??? Here’s are a couple other quotes from the post:

I used to be like that <busy> every day of my life, I was working in the financial sector and was always stressed out, always rushing from one meeting to the next and even though part of me enjoyed the work; I was always exhausted

I went to see a doctor and she suggested that I be put on a drug for anxiety and I even went to the pharmacy and had the prescription filled. I remember getting home that night and I put the bottle of pills on my bathroom counter, I sat and stared at it and knew that the problem didn’t have anything to do with my mental health; it had to do with my life style

I will leave this post at that in hopes that at least one person reads it and it really hits home. We aren’t here a long time, I think it’s important to enjoy each day to it’s fullest because you never know what might happen. Trust me, I do.

Lots of love,



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