2 Very important videos that could save your life!

Hey everyone,

I guess I lied about not blogging for awhile, but I could not keep these 2 videos from you! The first is about how marketing companies trick us into thinking they are making changes and are giving us healthy foods when they aren’t actually doing anything different. You’ll be amazed at what the “secret weapon” is at the end of this video!

And the 2nd one, that I really find interesting and can totally relate to is from posted over at the Crazy, Sexy Kris Carr blog – She’s one of the main reasons I started this blog. It’s a very interesting video interview with Dr. Kelly Turner. Dr Turner has written a book called Radical Remission. In the book, she writes about 1000’s of cancer cases of people who have survived against all the odds and what they have done to accomplish these uncermountable odds! She also has a site for people to share their radical stories and to look through others – http://www.radicalremission.com/

Hold on though! I don’t think this video and book are just for current cancer patients, surviving cancer patients but also for people who are healthy and want to PREVENT CANCER. Please take the time to view the video, it’s 25 minutes but she points out the top 3 things radical survivors have done to fight thru the scary diagnosis.

I try my best to follow these suggestions and I think it makes a HUGE difference in my life. I feel better day by day and always am trying to learn new things to help me a long the way! Does anyone else have other information to share? Leave a comment below or forward this post on to your friends and family!

Lots of love,



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