I’m autistic and normal…REALLY??? « The Culture Monk

Another fantastic from Kenneth over at The Culture Monk.


I feel most of his views on life are fantastic. I definitely agree with this one regarding different “disorders” we have in our good ol’ Western Society.

I’m getting tired of hearing people say that doctors and psychotherapists’ simply throw drugs to people left and right to cure their “disorders”.

One that has always bothered me, is people being prescribed medications for anxiety… Trust me, I’ve had a lot of anxiety in my life and a lot more now… but I’m always trying to find ways to treat it naturally (I am still currently on a few after my cancer treatment but I never took them before all of this). Don’t get me wrong, If someone is not safe without medication, I think that’s important for a short-term cure.

However, if it’s not that serious how about we try this: Eat properly, excercise, get some Sleep and RELAX! Okay end of rant.

I like how Kenneth describes how we are all very different and that our society seem to think people who are very outgoing and charming should be more successful than others who are more introvert or are autistic, etc (which are labels we should drop all together – more below).

Let’s be honest, in Western Culture the people who tend to rise to the top of the pack are the extroverted and outgoing; those with charisma and charm. Do you want to be President of the United States; then be charming like John F. Kennedy and you’ll beat your opponent.

This is a great paragraph that speaks to society needing to change and not us “non-normal” people:

On a recent trip I took to Boston I met with a psychotherapist from the Midwest who specializes in Asperger’s, “I have four therapists who work under me and we work with Asperger’s clients by helping them learn how to acclimate themselves to the world around them” she said. While I appreciate the woman’s dedication and energy toward helping others…..I’m left wondering; isn’t it society that should change and not the people with Asperger’s?

It’s very interesting to read this post today. I’ve had a few encounters the past 2 days discussing these similar things and also saw a few videos about the topics. Maybe the Universe is telling me I am okay just the way I am… and we are all our own unique individuals, so let’s get over the labels and get along gosh darn it! 🙂 Please click the link below to read Kenneth’s full post!

I’m autistic and normal…REALLY??? « The Culture Monk.

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2 thoughts on “I’m autistic and normal…REALLY??? « The Culture Monk

  1. Mental illness has various degrees of severity (including anxiety) and its important not to come too quickly to a conclusion that medication is given to someone lightly and/or that the person can be cured from their troubles with sleep, diet and exercise alone and be treated with medication on short term, as you would with an antibiotic. For many, medication is the beginning step along with counselling but usually the medication is a life long aid. Our society needs to stop downplaying people with mental illnesses and start categorizing mental illness in the same level as any physical ailment or disorder. Medication is not evil, it has helped millions of people feel that they can cope with the everyday. Centuries ago we didn’t have that, we’ve come a long way and of course, we still have a long way yet.

    1. Great points Julie. I believe that medication can be a help to someone who can’t get through certain things. I also believe it is used as a crutch for some who probably just need to be healthier. I myself am still on some Medications since I had my brain tumour removed (some for epilepsy and others for anxiety). I personally am trying to remove one drug at a time, but that’s just my opinion and my own experience.

      I know it’s not an easy topic but at least if we continue discussing it’s better for everyone involved.

      Thanks for commenting Julie!

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