Do you REALLY have a disorder???

“Why are there practically NO schools that have ever questioned the logic in forcing elementary children to sit in drab classrooms and stare at a blackboard all day? And instead of questioning the way ‘we do school’ in Western Culture, instead, when the little boy or girl doesn’t sit still for hours on end the teacher tells the parent that they should be tested for over-hyperactivity, “Perhaps your child should be on Ritalin to calm them down” the teacher says.

I am suggesting that we as a people literally tear down the fabric of the current establishment; all of those engrained beliefs we’ve been taught to hold dear…..need to be torn to shreds. We need to start over.”

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

What does it mean to have a disorder?

According to a psychotherapist I had coffee with recently, “children who are hyperactive should be tested for having ADD or ADHD”.

And how do you identify that the child is hyperactive?” I asked

Well, children who have a difficult time sitting at their desk in school, or staying focused on the task at hand would be examples of hyperactivity” she said

To which I ask….REALLY???

For years I have been challenging the way we live in Western Society; I think many elements of our culture suck;

—-) Too much time is spent in front of the television

—-) Too much time is spent in automobiles

—-) Too many doctors are prescribing pharmaceutical drugs like candy


—-) Not enough time is spent focusing on healthy eating habits

—-) Not enough time is…

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