Follow your Intuition, even when it seems tough???

Hey everyone,

The older I get (I’m not up there to high yet!) the more I realize how important it is to follow your intuition.

I was training/running the other day and it was a little chilly running on my normal route so I decided to turn up a HUGE HILL to get away from the water and a little more covered for warmth. If anyone knows the Quispamsis Rd hill, going up from Gondola pt road you know it’s quite a steep incline… but I went for it anyway.

It was just my intuition to run up that way. I’ve never gone up there and It turned out to be a great thing, I found a few old paths that I had forgotten about and it was beautiful to be running in nature, not to mention the softer ground for my already banged up knees (from hockey).

I think this fella below explains it quite well…



Lots of love,


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