No plans, No problem, No Injustice…REALLY??? « The Culture Monk

I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I couldn’t agree more with this post about all the injustice we have in our society today. It’s sad that we can’t do more about it sometimes…Injustice

We live in a time when massive amounts of people all across the Western World feel lonely. Depression and other mood disorders are on the rise and the psychological community has been totally inept and powerless in treating and addressing the epidemic. Millions, perhaps billions of dollars are spent every year on research studies and in treating loneliness and depression; yet all that the PhD psychologists and researchers are really accomplishing is obtaining nice little salaries for themselves thanks to Government Grants and Universities paychecks.

Think about it. Every day thousands upon thousands of dollars are awarded to Universities and researchers to ‘study’ poverty; yet is that money really being put in the right placeAt what point in Western Society are we going to stop giving millions of dollars to white collar University students to ‘study’ problems; and instead begin actually fixing the problems we see all around us?

The simple fact of the matter is that whether we are talking about the government level of society or the academic level; the white collar men and women who have had a strangle hold on the way our society functions are stubborn people. They are resistant to change. They are content with receiving their nice little pay checks and living in a world of injustice, hypocrisy and nepotism.

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Lots of love... sorry if this offends anyone,


2 thoughts on “No plans, No problem, No Injustice…REALLY??? « The Culture Monk

  1. My two cents – don’t worry about offending people. It is only through this type of discourse that we have any hope of really addressing these issues. We live in such a fragmented, disconnected time. I think research creates a false, yet comforting, sense of us actively working towards addressing issues when, in fact, it shields us from the actual issues and any accountability. Money, pharma drugs… we look for so many ways to address societal ills when, really, we need more and more people to step forward to pursue the authentic connections we are here to foster. All easier said than done, but a girl can dream.

    1. Agree 100%… it’s funny you mention the “don’t worry about offending people” comment. I read the post today and was actually going to remove those parts of the post. I guess I was more “cautious” when I wrote it.

      I’ve actually crossed them out, so if it offends anyone, I hope it does more now 😉

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