Don’t believe all they hype about Gluten-Free!

One of the hot items these days in the food industry is to be gluten-free. Whether you are choosing this for weight loss or just to be a healthier eater. I am gluten intolerant so it’s important for me to avoid gluten and or wheat.



Everyone is different and have different views on this. I totally agree with most of this post from “Authority Nutrition” regarding some of the negatives of Gluten (you’ll read more below on the title of this post). I feel the key points from this long post are:

  • New studies show that even whole wheat may contribute to serious health problems.
  • There is mounting evidence that a significant percentage of the population may be “sensitive” to gluten. Gluten sensitivity can cause various adverse effects.
  • Most whole grain products have actually been pulverized into very fine flour, which tends to raise blood sugars rapidly and can cause all sorts of problems down the line.
  • Wheat contains a substance called phytic acid, which can reduce absorption of important minerals. It may also cause people to burn through their Vitamin D stores faster, contributing to deficiency.
  • Being sensitive to gluten is associated with many disorders of the brain, such as schizophrenia, cerebellar ataxia, autism and epilepsy.
  • I often see mainstream nutrition professionals telling us to choose whole wheat instead of refined. I completely disagree, because the idea is based on flawed logic.

    Saying that whole wheat is healthy because it’s better than refined wheat is like saying that filtered cigarettes are healthy because they’re better than unfiltered cigarettes.

    Using the same logic, everyone should be smoking filtered cigarettes for the health benefits. It just doesn’t make sense.

If you aren’t feeling well or would like to try a gluten-free diet, give it a shot. Just make sure you give your body a month to detox all the other gluten from you system (that’s scary isn’t it?).

Now, to explain the title of this post “Don’t believe all they hype about Gluten-Free!”

Just with any other type of food, gluten-free products can be filled with chemicals and preservatives and chemicals. Unfortunately, I think some brands stamp the gluten-free label on their products, since it is such a hot commodity these days. Again, like many other posts I’ve mentioned, you have to be very careful to select products with excellent ingredients and make sure there isn’t a lot of added sugar to the product. I’m always researching products to make sure I am choosing healthy gluten-free products since it’s such a big part of my diet.

Lots of love,


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