Am I really doing this…WTF???

The other day I woke up and decided I needed a new challenge/goal in my life. For some crazy reason I decided to start training for a Half Marathon. I had my first run today and you can see from the video below:

Click to watch me getting started!
Click to watch me getting started!

I’ve actually got some nice new shoes and found a great app on Android called “Marathon’s World” that tracks everything for you and also lets you know each KM you reach. Wow, what did we do back in the day??? This is one time when technology is awesome!

My first goal is to run 5K on June 7th for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada in Fredericton. If I keep on my schedule I think it shouldn’t be too difficult (here’s hoping).

It’s a great event to raise money in support of the Brain Tumour Foundation so they can find a cure one day and also continue their support groups and pay their staff. All great reasons to visit our Team Page and donate (if you can). It would be even cooler if you join the team and come the walk/run on June 7th. I’ll even take you out for dinner! lol

Spring Sprint Fredericton, June 7th
Spring Sprint Fredericton, June 7th – Click image to visit my Personal Page

Today was my first run as you can tell from the video. I decided to take it easy today since I haven’t run in a while. Here’s my Journal from the app for today:

2014/4/23 Journal: 2.66436Km, Time Interval 0h/19m/12s, Average 59′ 07″/Km

Now, who else is in? If I can do this… I think anyone can! I’ll keep you updated on my progress! Thanks everyone.

Lots of love,


P.S I am very grateful for spellcheck! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Am I really doing this…WTF???

  1. Thanks Michael! I’m actually enjoying it so it’s hopefully going to continue that way. I’ve always wanted to try it, so here goes πŸ™‚

    Good luck back at ya. Hopefully we’ll get some nicer weather so it’s a little more enticing!

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