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I couldn’t agree more with this article by David Sable regarding how we use technology WAY too much – From the Mountaintop | LinkedIn. I’m just about as guilty as others but I’m trying my best get better. I feel so good when I put my phone and computer away for a few hours and just relax and think of other things or work on some Art. Although, that’s not totally true, since I play music through my phone/bluetooth while working on art 🙂

David Sable in
David Sable in

I really enjoy face-to-face conversations a lot of the time (as I blog ha-ha). I think we need more of it. It really bothers me when I’m talking with someone and they don’t even hear me because they are busy looking at Facebook on their phone.

A few points that really make sense to me from his article:

Digital is everything, but not everything is digital. So yes, being online has made our lives better in so many ways. In fact, I’m online as I write this. But let’s not forget that there’s a real world out there, too, the one we live in.

But my mantra remains: Digital is everything, but not everything is digital. And too often, these days, we let digital drive the way we learn, the way we communicate, even the way we read.

A few things I’m trying to work on to disconnect are:

  • Simply turning off my phone or charging it in another area of the house so I don’t hear it binging and bonging all the time.
  • I have begun to read real books instead of just Kindle. I’m a little torn on this one since I know real books are harder on our environmental needs.
  • I paint when I feel like I need to disconnect and like I said, I usually don’t respond to anything while painting, just listen to music through my phone or computer.

What other ideas do you have for disconnecting and connecting better with others and yourself? Leave a comment or let me know and we could meet over coffee to chat about them 🙂 Signing off for now…

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2 thoughts on “From the Mountaintop | LinkedIn

  1. Volunteering is a great way to disconnect. Coaching hockey gives me a solid disconnect almost everyday. time you are trying to text or call don’t get mad if I don’t respond immediately. I am busy disconnecting. 🙂

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