My INSPIRATION to blog again!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been away for a little while. I hope everyone is doing well!

I hadn’t been thinking about blogging for a while but then I found this blog post in my email today from one of my favourite bloggers – The Culture Monk

I’ve shared his blogs in the past, but if you don’t know he’s on an interesting, cool adventure.

Passion Rules!
Passion Rules!

In today’s post, he talks a lot about PASSION! What’s more important in life than having passion for something you love. I was always a big believer in doing whatever makes you happy but it’s REALLY hit home a lot more to me in the past 2 years! I make sure everyday I do things that are fun and that I love to do – Art, Volunteering, Hanging out with family and friends, Blogging, etc. Life is way to short to waste a single minute not doing what you love! Here’s how The Culture Monk explains it in his post today:

Yesterday was a flurry of activity as I stopped by three different coffee shops in Philadelphia and the surrounding area starting out at 7:30 in the morning and not finishing up till nearly 7pm; 12 hours of meeting with readers and fellow bloggers!

I was trying to think of one word to sum up my day yesterday and I kept coming back to the word passion.

—-) Passionate people excite me

—-) Passionate people inspire me

—-) Passionate people fascinate me

A little later in the post, he writes another paragraph that really hit home (again):

Isn’t that what life is about; finding our passion? Finding that thing in life which motivates us to get up just a little bit earlier in the morning (or to stay up just a tad bit later) because we receive so much fulfillment from pursuing our particular passion.

—-) For some people their passion is mechanics; I’ve got a buddy that LOVES rebuilding old cars (whereas I can’t stand to even change the oil in my car)

—-) For some people their passion is working with children or teaching at a school

—-) For some people their passion is art, or writing, or singing

Whatever our passion is….it adds so much spice and joy to our life. Without a passion, waking up in the morning and going to work can turn into drudgery and days of monotony. But when we find that passion; all of a sudden the minutes at work seem to disappear because our life is filled with so much more meaning and joy.

I’m so grateful that I’ve come to realize this. I think many people miss this point and live life going through the motions. Get up, go to work, collect a paycheck… eat, sleep, repeat. If that what your passion is then I guess it’s to each their own!

What passion drives you to get up early and stay up late at nights and really enjoy it! Leave a comment below, thanks! And thanks again to The Culture Monk for inspiring us with his great writing and adventures!

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “My INSPIRATION to blog again!

  1. Great post! There are too many people out there who ignore their passions in fear that they will not be able to live financially sound or that it might hinder their ongoing relationships. I truly believe that once someone takes that leap of faith into the unknown, in the end, you will feel more fulfilled.

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