The Not-To-Do List: 15 Habits to Stop Now

Here’s a great “not-to-do” list from We always here of “to-do” lists but this is a great “not-to-do” list – for all that like to-do lists, they created one at the bottom with the opposites of the list! 🙂 You can click the link above to read more of their post or scroll down to see the “not-to-do” list…


  1. Don’t be mean or snarky. (Instead: Be kind.)
  2. Don’t judge. (Instead: Be receptive and open.)
  3. Don’t compare. (Instead: Recognize and celebrate others achievements.)
  4. Don’t disrespect. (Instead: Be respectful of other people, situations, time and things.)
  5. Don’t hold grudges. (Instead: Forgive people, situations and yourself.)
  6. Don’t be selfish. (Instead: Be thoughtful of others, life is not a game of solitaire.)
  7. Don’t be ungrateful. (Instead: Be content with what you have: it is always enough.)
  8. Don’t deny responsibility for the quality of your life. (Instead: Be responsible for your thoughts, emotions, body, and actions.)
  9. Don’t lose your sense of humor. (Instead: Be funny, laugh a lot – even at yourself.)
  10. Don’t assume the worst. (Be positive, hopeful and assume the best.)
  11. Don’t be stingy, (Be generous with everything especially your time, love, and money.)
  12. Don’t lose interest. (Be curious, creative and actively filled with wonder.)
  13. Don’t stop listening. (Be an active listener and hear what is not being said—and not said.)
  14. Don’t get stuck. (Be open to change and new perspectives.)
  15. Don’t act conceited and think you know everything. (Be a life long learner.  Never stop growing and humbly expanding your knowledge.)

This is a great way to improve your health and life. Even if you can just incorporate/remove a few of these habits from your life! In the post Wayne Dyer and Tim Ferriss offer up some advice regarding “not-to-do” lists.

Wayne Dyer told me, “Stop giving energy to the things you don’t want.” This advice changed my life. I realized that if we all followed a “Not To Do List,” then we would find a whole lot more time to guide our time towards what is important. Tim Ferriss, author of The Four-Hour Work Week gets straight to the point when he writes, “Not to do lists are often more effective than to-do lists for upgrading performance. The reason is simple: what you don’t do determines what you can do.”

What do you think about “not-to-do” lists? Do you prefer to focus on one like that or a “to-do” list? Let us know in the comment section below!

Lot of love,


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