Is it OKAY to cheat once in a while???


As some may have seen on Friday, I celebrated my 2 year anniversary of my diagnosis – Every day is a great day and I look forward to all of them… but of course, this one was a little more special.

My Mother asked me what I wanted to have for supper (I’m a Mommas boy). She would cook and I could pick anything… yum!

I decided on a few things that I normally wouldn’t choose – Mussels, Grass Fed Beef Burgers, Salad (had to keep one green thing) and Wine (of course).

My point here is that you can’t always be stressing about everything you eat and every ingredient you put into your body. Sometimes I get caught in this trap and have to give myself a slap. As long as you are sticking with it the majority of the time I think it’s great to celebrate once in a while. Just don’t take it to far and do it to often!

It’s proven that stress can be very toxic to our health – there are some really good tips in there also for relieving stress. Don’t stress out about trying to be perfect… just do your best and keep moving forward (KMF). Now go grab a beer and/or a glass of wine and enjoy it!

Lots of love,


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