Do you like eating Yoga Mats???

If you are into using yoga mats for yoga then that’s cool.

However, if you aren’t into yoga mats then you shouldn’t eat at Subway because they use the same ingredient that is used in making Yoga Mats – azodicarbonamide.


The Food Babe has begun taking down some big players in the fast food industry (Kraft, General Mills, Chick-fi-la and Chipoltle Mexican Grill to name a few). To keep updated on her recent journey you can follow her on Facebook.

You can see from her post titled “The One Thing Subway is Still Hiding from All of Us” that Subway has actually agreed to remove this ingredient but still haven’t done it so you should probably not eat this bread until it is removed from the bread, unless you like yoga mats that much 🙂

We cannot call this a victory until we know the facts. Please keep spreading the word, and ask Subway to give a timeline.

Here’s a petition to sign if you want to get on board with her. It also gives more information on the companies I mentioned above and her battle to help our society know what ingredients are being used in what foods!

Do you follow The Food Babe? If so, do you feel she helps you feel better about making decisions or does she make you feel limited in your choices? Please leave a comment below, thanks.

Lots of love,


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