Learning to take the plunge…REALLY???

Another great post from The Culture Monk – http://culturemonk.com/
“Fear is a powerful feeling…..and we can either overcome it or be paralyzed by it; ultimately each of us must choose.”

Culture Monk

polar plunge one

By Kenneth Justice

~ ” Kenneth, I guess I would say it’s mind-blowing. I go through the motions every single day of my life and looking back at it all I realize how oblivious I was to the simple fact that the world is a lot bigger place than my little job and apartment

I was sitting at coffee in Costa Rica a few weeks ago and had met a young man from the United States who was enjoying the seventh day of his vacation in Central America. It was his first trip ever outside of the U.S. and I had asked him what his thoughts were so far on his trip.

I guess one of the things I’ve learned this past week is that when I’m back home I tend to get upset and wrapped up in a lot of stupid s**t, and being down here helps…

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