Breaking down walls at Starbucks…REALLY???

This story makes me smile! I love what Kenneth Justice is doing as part of his Journey. I love hearing about this employee from Starbucks. If I could be an even small % of what he is, I’d be very proud. I hope to think I am 🙂

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ There he was, covered into tattoo’s and piercings, looking so completely different from the business man in the three piece suit at his table; yet they were equals ~

Last week shortly after my return from Costa Rica I got caught in the midst of a blizzard while driving home from work so I stopped into a Starbucks in the afternoon to take a break from the intense driving conditions. The city I was in, Oak Park is a suburb of Detroit and according to the city website, “The diversity in Oak Park’s population makes it a very interesting place to live and visit. The strong Jewish, African-American, Chaldean, and Arab populations provide an eclectic mix of race, culture, and religion in a relatively small land area” and despite the economic woes that the city of Detroit has suffered in recent years; the city of…

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