Gain the Freshman Fifteen, or can I Eat Clean?

I think a lot of “older” people could benefit from this post to see how easy it is to eat even when you “don’t have enough time”.

Nicole Meadows

As I’ve begun my second semester at Indiana University, I’ve realized there are so many misconceptions of the health of students in college life. The “Freshman Fifteen”is quite a funny myth. From dining courts to vending machines to restaurants and convenient stores, there is certainly an easy way to eat clean and healthy. So how do I do it?



1. Salad Bars- I think my favorite thing about the food courts would have to be the easy access to unlimited amounts of salad and fresh ingredients available everyday.I love making salads at home, but sometimes it takes a lot of work to get all the ingredients prepared and ready for the week. Anyways, I get a salad at least once a day and they just weigh them and you’re ready to go!

2. Convenient stores- From oatmeal, to fresh fruit, trail mixes, yogurt, healthy choice meals, hard…

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