Remember the 20 minute workout??? We have the 7 minute workout now!!!

Hey everyone,

Not to date myself, but I’m sure everyone from my generation and older remembers the 20 minute workout show in the 80’s everyday on TV. How crazy were those girls! Everyone should watch this for a good laugh!

Well guess what… we now have the 7 MINUTE workout! I recently read in the NY Times about how it’s scientifically enough to do a hard 7 minutes each day.

The article stats:

An article in the May-June issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal does just that. In 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall, it fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort, which essentially combines a long run and a visit to the weight room into about seven minutes of steady discomfort — all of it based on science.

“There’s very good evidence” that high-intensity interval training provides “many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time,” says Chris Jordan, the director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Fla., and co-author of the new article.


The exercises should be performed in rapid succession, allowing 30 seconds for each, while, throughout, the intensity hovers at about an 8 on a discomfort scale of 1 to 10, Mr. Jordan says. Those seven minutes should be, in a word, unpleasant. The upside is, after seven minutes, you’re done.


I’ve downloaded the app for Android (there are many on Android and Apple) and have done it the past 2 days. I try to do a good paced walk after of about 30 minutes. I haven’t been exercising much, but am in pretty good shape (all things considered). I enjoy doing this workout because you get a good quick workout in and it’s over quick. Also, you can change it to more cycles if you’d like. For example, when it gets to easy you can do it twice, three, four times, etc. I guess it then becomes the 14, 21, 28 minute workout (good math eh?).

Anyone else out there doing something similar? Let us know in the comments, thanks.

P.S – Don’t forget your body heals 8 X’s faster when you exercise. So, it’s important for everyone to try to exercise whenever you can!

Lots of love,


4 thoughts on “Remember the 20 minute workout??? We have the 7 minute workout now!!!

  1. As you know I like to exercise. 🙂

    I like to do either the Insanity or yes, the Jillian Michael’s workouts if I have the time.

    However, I have done the 7 minute workout a few times when traveling or when I have not had enough time and it is great for when you are in a time crunch.

    I do believe having a good cardio foundation can help the body heal.

    People always ask me why I exercise like I do and what am I training for.

    I always say…I am training for life. 🙂

    1. Yeah… I am pretty tired after doing it. I think it’s great and “they” say it’s all you need to do everyday (there is a bit of cardio).

      To each their own I guess…. mr.workout… have you missed a workout in 30 years??? I guess you aren’t up for the 4 hour sportsplex workouts anymore? Pretty impressive how dedicated you are and always stick with it. A lot of people would be jealous.

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