When to retreat…REALLY???

This is a great post! I can totally relate….

Culture Monk


taking it all in

by Kenneth Justice

~ “It just seems so strange to me that people simply start talking to you at coffee shops….and you’re trying to tell me you don’t start the conversations?” asked the mid fortyish woman sitting next to me at coffee yesterday.

“Not usually…. and actually,” I said, “You were the one who struck up the conversation with me twenty minutes ago

The woman got a serious look on her face as though she thought I was trying to lie to her…but after a moment her lips erupted into a smile and laughter, “You’re right Kenneth, I did…..didn’t I? I turned over to you and asked you what kind of laptop you have because I had never seen one like it before, and then I asked you what type of work you do on it” she said

People want to connect. That…

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