Dear Universe… All Together Now!


I found this online awhile back and absolutely love it and feel it.

All Together Now!

Dear Uni-verse,

Please show me the solution to my problem. I know that you are guiding me to greater and greater experiences. I let go of the judgment of my situation and embrace the teachings that I am receiving. I trust You, even if I am scared. I let go of needing to know how things turn out and instead am grateful and excited for the RIDE. I know that things don’t always go my way and I CELEBRATE this because – when things go Your way, life flows in magnificent and glorious ways. I know that You have a greater vision for my life than I could ever imagine, and so I surrender to that vision daily. Show me my next steps and please help to give me the courage to feel the fear of taking that step and doing it anyway! I choose to embrace Your Love by giving EVERYTHING that happens in my life an empowering meaning. I know that together, We are unstoppable!



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