Bittersweet Goodness

This is quite an interesting blog with a great recipe at the end. I recommed reading what she says about bitter and sweet foods and how they affect us emotionally and physically.


Raw Cacao Truffles

In Ayurveda the bitter taste is as important as sweet.  They form a duality – one cannot exist without the other, bitter is the Yang to the sweet taste’s Yin.  Each also enhances the other.  E.g. Think about how much sweeter something sweet would taste after you have a sliver of bitter and sour grapefruit.  While  the effect of something sweet  is nourishing and cooling – literally nourishing our blood plasma and tissues, too much sweetness can make a body limp and soft.  An example of the sweet taste is sweetened yoghurt or probably what is more typical: a hyper sweet candy bar that you find by the droves in North America.

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One thought on “Bittersweet Goodness

  1. Finally a positive article on bitter tasting foods. I’m a fan of celery and I don’t put sugar in my coffee. While all the sweetnes is being marketed towards us for Halloween and Christmas, it’s a good idea to try to stay focused on balance in our diets.

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