Let’s talk about the “dirty” old secret called “Poop”

So, last post I wrote about deodorant and this time I’m taking it one step further and talking about POOP. I like to say I blog about very personal things and about topics that I think can seriously hinder or help your health.


I’ve read a lot of information on how important it is to be “regular” when is comes to doing the #2. I believe chronic constipation is a serious symptom or sign that something isn’t working properly in your system. The odd day or 2 probably isn’t a huge issue but if it’s happening on a regular basis it can be quite serious. In my opinion, it’s obvious (I think) that using the washroom at a regular basis helps the system clean out the “crap” and detox properly. I feel many people might not even realize they have an issue with this but it can be quite serious if you do.

Kris Carr wrote a great blog post called “How to Put Your Stomach on a Regular Schedule” in which she states in the opening paragraph:

Millions of people suffer from digestive problems in the U.S. We spend millions of dollars annually on digestive supplements, which has become a huge industry. Some people even grew to believe that digestive uneasiness is a normal state of being. While Eastern medicine strongly believes that digestion is a cornerstone of health and daily bowel movements are one of the indicators of good health, modern doctors consider two a week to be acceptable. Basically, most doctors are not concerned that you carry around a bag of toxic waste that gets re-absorbed into your blood stream five days out of seven.

In Chinese medicine and ayurveda, fewer than one bowel movement a day is considered constipation and requires serious attention. Unsupervised and untreated, it can lead to fatigue, unhealthy skin color, bad breath and headaches, in addition to general uneasiness in the stomach area.

Read more of her blog for tips on becoming more regular.

Today, I was thinking about the many years (lets face it, we are being honest here, right?) I struggled with this issue and never did anything about it. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to think about “what might have caused this to happen to me”… but, I think it might have been something I should have dealt with. Maybe, the toxins in my system weren’t being removed. I can happily say over the past 2-3 years I have resolved this issue with a specific diet and exercise program that works for me. Everyone is different so I suggest you try a few things if this is a concern for you. And, please share if you have any helpful feedback below that might help others, thanks!

Lots of love,


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