If I smelt just a little bit would you still love me?

When I decided to start living a “extra” clean life a year and a half ago, one of the things I took a serious look at was what I put on my body and not just in it. Although you could say it’s the same thing since our skin is an easy way for toxins to enter our system.

In mammals, the skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system made up of multiple layers of ectodermaltissue, and guards the underlying muscles, bones,ligaments and internal organs.

I don’t quite understand all the words in the above sentence but I know it’s important to keep an eye on what products/ingredients you put on yourself – skin care products, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. One of the things we really need to keep an eye on is what ingredients are in deodorants this day in age – Read this scary article to learn more about what toxins are found in certain deodorants.

Don’t worry, there are alternatives! One that I’ve found and have been using for most of the time is called “Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals” and it’s made with only mineral salts… nothing else! It doesn’t quite have the same “perfume” smell as other deodorants (hence the title of the blog), but it is much safer for us (and actually works quite well).

deordorant2Here’s another blogger who is using the exact same deodorant.

This is the most amazing natural deodorant product I have ever used and I am still using it. It is made with natural mineral salts, a healthy alternative to aluminum derived deodorants. I have tried many natural deodorants over the years and have never been satisfied with the results. This is the only product I use now. It is fantastic!

I hope someone finds this information useful and decides to give natural deodorant a try. I honestly think some of them are very dangerous for us so take a look at the ingredients and decide for yourself.

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “If I smelt just a little bit would you still love me?

    1. I would also recommend looking at your toothpaste. In my opinion I don’t like having Fluoride in my body (search it out) so I use Green Beaver natural toothpaste. Just something to think about. To each there own 🙂

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