What’s an Orb and did I see 2 this morning?

I began reading Wayne Dyer’s blog and books while I started my Journey since being diagnosed. He really has some great reads (I would highly recommend “Wishes Fulfilled”, you can also watch his PBS special here – it probably sounds quite boring, but Wayne has a great attitude and actually has a great sense of humour so it’s quite entertaining. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS).

He is very inspirational and believes anything is possible. Before this, I had no idea it was actually possible to work with the Universe (or God, or Higher Power, or whatever else you want to call it). I believe this more than ever as I’ve learned how to Manifest my dreams because of Wayne Dyer! I’ve had things come true that I can’t sometimes believe myself. I won’t go into many details but I really want to share this with you.

Another thing Wayne talks about is something called “Orbs”. Here’s a few points he mentions regarding Orbs:

Sometimes there are things you can encounter on your spiritual path that may surprise and puzzle you. About a year ago I started to notice that bright circles of light, “orbs,” were showing up in the photos people took of me at speaking events. (For a prominent scientist’s view of the fascinating phenomenon of orbs, check out the work of Klaus and Gundi Heinemann in their book, Orbs: Their Mission and Message of Hope.)

The appearance of these orbs is only one of a number of “things intriguing and bizarre” coming into my experience. The final chapter in my upcoming book Wishes Fulfilled (scheduled to release early next year) is about opening yourself up to all possibilities and realizing that there’s nothing out there that’s impossible. The New Testament says that, with God, all things are possible—that leaves nothing out.

So why are these orbs showing up now? It feels like it has something to do with the message of God-consciousness and the God-realized life that is becoming a stronger focus in my work. God is within all of us; we are all pieces of God, not bodies but spirit. When confronted with miraculous things, a friend advised me to “stop being surprised and just accept them.” But I need to be surprised. The surprise fuels my message. I know you will be surprised by some of the things I write and speak about. You may be experiencing some startling and seemingly miraculous events of your own. Be at peace with surprise. The challenge of a healthy skepticism gives strength to faith and wisdom.

Here are a couple example photos of what an Orb looks like:



At this point you might ask, Why the heck is Adrian talking about these Orbs (whatever they are)?!?!. Well, here’s another blog that’s all about Orbs called “Science of Orbs”. This site has lots of information about them and some might think it’s a hoax or something unreal…. BUT I took 2 pictures today and I really believe there are similar orbs in both (not to mention they are beautiful pictures if I do say so myself lol). See if you can spot them 🙂



Now onto the real reason I was taking the pictures – I am going to try to sketch this beautiful scene on paper. Let’s see how that goes!

Let me know your thoughts on this. Has anyone else ever read about Orbs or seen them in their photos? Let us know in the comments section, thanks! Even send your photo to me and I’d be happy to share it. Happy orbing 🙂

Lots of love,


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