Kris Carr shares simple ways to show your love for yourself and others.

Hey Everyone,

As most of you know, I really enjoy Kris Carr’s blog over at

She has a great post today that explains how we can love others and eventually love ourselves more. It might sound cheesy but it’s really important to take some of these steps to make sure there is lots of love in your life.


Show your love courageously. Show your love openly. Show your love with no strings attached.

I know I am hopefully going to add some of these to my life. Here’s a taste of some of my favourites from the post:

  • Listen. Talk less and listen more. The greatest gift you can give someone is your full presence. We feel validated when we’re truly heard. Listen with your whole being. Pause. Breathe before you speak. An answer may not be needed. That’s right folks, you don’t always have to fix it (ahhh…). Just be. Hear the entire thought, the entire feeling, all the pain, even the pain that only your intuition notices. Don’t interrupt or blast in with your projections and opinions. If a response is called for, ask yourself how your higher self would respond. Use someone else if your higher self happens to be on vacation in Bali. What would Gandhi say? Maybe Gandhi would just smile and hug the person. Maybe he’d give tickles and noogies.
  • Pick up the phone. I was talking to my friend Joe the other day. He told me about how his 20-year-old texts him all the time. Though he feels updated by those texts, he still considers them extra. They don’t replace real connection. The Sunday call is what Joe looks forward to. Because, as he said, “I need to hear her voice to know that she’s ok. Her voice tells me everything.” This made me think of my dad and how I want to be more consistent with my Sunday calls. My Sundays won’t be there forever. None of ours will.
  • Date night (my wife will be HAPPY to read this one). I recently posted this picture and caption on Facebook. It was taken at my friend Gabby Bernstein’s beautiful wedding. Forever dates last when there’s consistent tending, laughing, romance and fun! It’s so easy to forget, to get caught up in the bills, errands, problems and to-dos. The marriages that last the longest all have one common theme: never taking the other for granted. Stir the sacred sauce with regular date nights! They don’t have to be fancy, you can just head down to your basement and blast old Bruce Springsteen records. Dance, hug, and kiss by your high school lava lamp.

Which ones are you going to try to add to your life to create more love.

To read more, click here – Kris Carr shares simple ways to show your love for others.

Lots of LOVE,



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