What 2 important companies do you & your family NEED to know about?

I’d like to introduce some of you to 2 different companies trying to accomplish 2 different things.


1) Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a company trying to fight big companies and “farms” from using hormones and pesticides, along with improper use of animals and all the other crap that is going on today.

They have a number of “take action” petitions on their site. Please, if you have a chance, read through them and decide for yourself if they are worth signing/donating to and sharing to your friends and family.

EWG is constantly working and researching products to let us know what foods have in them and what foods are loaded with preservatives, pesticides, sugar, etc.

I even have the EWG app installed on my phone so I can check my “dirty dozen” list when shopping for produce. It lists in order the foods we should worry about buying Organic and the ones that aren’t as important. This helps us with our health and also with our wallets since you can buy some foods that isn’t as dangerous. Read more about the Dirty Dozen here…

2) Monsanto couldn’t be more different from EWG. I can’t explain the actual details of what Monsanto does, other than it ships Genetically Modified Food  (GMO) all over the world, which in turn is killing other farms (and people). There have been a number of images of Monstanto workers spraying chemicals on foods with gas masks and saying the chemicals won’t harm the foods or the people that eat them. They are used simple to kill the insects that may be on the crops…??


Here’s a list for you and your family to look at to see which companies use Monsanto, GMO’s and make sure you don’t buy them. Try to eat the best Organic food possible from the Dirty Dozen list also!

Lots of love,


PS: you can read below how great it is to see people starting to fight back against companies like Monsanto. It’s time!

One thought on “What 2 important companies do you & your family NEED to know about?

  1. A friend of mine on Facebook recommended the following App to help when making choices at the grocery store. It’s very cool, you scan the item and it tells you which ingredients and companies are involved with that food. Therefore, you can make sure you stop buying GMO foods for your health and also to hopefully put those companies out of business. It needs to happen now, thanks.

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