During tough times – stay busy and have FUN!

Hey everyone,

When I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, I read many, many times that you need to stay busy and keep active so you don’t think so much about what you are going through. It took me about a year to actually figure this out. I think I was a little in shock and recovering for the first year (surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, etc).

However, the past few months, I’ve began to understand why they say this. I’ve decided to not let this crap be a part of my life and affect the way I live. I am going to wake up everyday, keep busy with things I want to do (without over doing it). In the past year I’ve done the following new things that I love very much:

  • Started learning some art techniques
  • Grew an amazing garden with my wife (first time for me)
  • Got back into tennis after 25 years or so
  • Currently working on a DIY renovation with my wife (first time for me)
Milos Raonic - top Canadian tennis player in the World
Milos Raonic – Tennis Canada star

I’m really having a blast and it’s keeping my mind off the other stuff. I think it’s important as I have some important meetings coming up over the next few weeks. All I can control is what I do each day and enjoy it.

I know it’s not easy when you first hear the news but I understand now and want to pass this information on to anyone who is going through a tough time. Wake up and try some new things, you’ll be surprised how fun it is and what you can learn. Does anyone else have any other ideas for staying busy? Post them in the comments if you do, thanks!

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “During tough times – stay busy and have FUN!

  1. Such good advice! I have a family member who is very ill and I think your advice is just as good for the people who love the sick person as it is for the person experiancing the illness. Thanks for reminding me to keep myself occupied as well.

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