The ultimate prevention party! Join the fun :-)

It’s been a few days since I’ve written a blog post.I recently finished my second last Chemo cycle and it usually takes quite a bit out of me. 1 more to go! Hell Yeah! Everyone give themselves a hug from me!


I found a great blog post over at Kris Carr’s blog that explains in many ways how I felt and how I feel now about my current circumstances in life. She basically explains how she felt when she was diagnosed and how she never tries to think about “what if’s”. “What if I didn’t do this when I was younger”, “what if I ate better foods before this”, “what if didn’t party as much before this”… you get the point. Here’s and paragraph that really hit home for me:

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was lost, scared, and I had no idea where to start. As I began searching for help and answers, I got more familiar with proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle practices and spiritual garden tending. Naturally, as my studies progressed, I had the painful realization that I wish I had known these things BEFORE I got sick. Did I beat myself up? Not once. Never. And if you know me, you know I could have (very social smoker, heavy drinker, stress junkie, recreational goodies lover, par-tay frequenter). Could I have prevented my cancer diagnosis? I’ll never know. For me, the “why’s” are useless. They get me nowhere. What motivates me is acceptance, forgiveness and change. And truthfully, if it wasn’t for my diagnosis I wouldn’t have the best job ever—connecting with you!

I have to admit I have beaten myself a few times but I really am going to try my best NOT do this anymore and just accept my circumstances and realize they are not part of me!

Kris Carr is ALL ABOUT PREVENTION and probably the main reason I started this blog – to help others who have chronic illnesses and to help those who are healthy be even more healthy since there are so many “unknowns” out there. Below, she explains how she has a support group of people who keep her motivated. I do the same, some are online mentors and leaders, while others are people I know and adore.

In addition to making my own shifts, I’ve also built a network of health practitioners and spirit lovers who keep me motivated. I also rely on the internet. (Not Google so much ’cause it scares me. Every time I Google something I think I’m gonna die by lunch.) Instead, I follow my favorite people online, take their tele-classes or get inspired by their weekly work. These teachers helped me find my way through the prickles and into the party that is now my world of prevention. Yes, you read that correctly—party!

Here’s to prevention, let’s all do this together and help create a much healthier environment for all of us, no matter what our current situation is!

Lots of love,


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