2 thoughts on “Some interesting/scary points…

  1. I just finished watching jamie Oliver’s food revolution TV programme. It is a fantastic look at how political the whole food in schools thing is and how much infiltration and influence the large food manufacturing corporations have… Scary stuff! Sort your s*** out America and demand change! Xxx

  2. Yes! It seems so obvious yet people don’t seem to be doing anything about it (some people at least). I watched the first season of Jamie Oliver’s show and it’s great to see someone so passionate about the movement.

    I am amazed at what they serve at schools this day in age! Canada (where I live) needs to sort out it’s s*** also… it’s so sad to see kids given such crappy food. I believe it should be treated the same as child abuse… but what do I know 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on the issue.

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