Your friends, your freedom, and getting off your ass for Love • Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life

How many of us put off things all the time because we are too busy… or doesn’t work out at the right time… or miss a friends special going away party because you had a long day? These are excuses I used to use a lot! I know regret most of them (I’m sure a few parties weren’t that great lol).

I find myself now doing a lot more things I might not have done in the past. Cancer changes you that way. For example, this past week, we went on vacation to P.E.I. In a previous life I might not have even gone and decided to stay home and “rest up”. I said screw it, I’m going and I’m going to have a great time! And I wasn’t disappointed – I also did the same thing in Florida a couple of months earlier but it was more of a “feeling out process”.

I’m finding myself being more spontaneous to jump in head first and do things lately. An example of this in P.E.I was when I was offered the opportunity to go Tuna fishing with Tony’s Tuna Fishing (great bunch of guys who really know their stuff). We went out, caught some mackeral and then went and pulled in a 750 lb Tuna! It was a great experience for me that I will never forget, thanks guys!

tunaThat's me reeling in the Bluefin Tuna
That’s me reeling in the Bluefin Tuna – Tony’s Tuna Fishing

Of course, we had many other fantastic family memories – great dinners, adventure parks, PEI Old Home Week and lots of time hanging on the beach. The times on the beach were special for me… a few times I sat back and watched the kids playing and felt very lucky to be there for it. I really hope I am able to enjoy many more moments like this in my lifetime but I continue to take it one day at a time and stay in the moment – maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable?? 🙂


Oh yeah, the reason I started this post was to share some solid, similar words from a great blogger/writer Danielle LaPorte, who I admire a lot. I love her style of writing, she doesn’t hold anything back and you always know what’s on her mind, which is great this day in age. Please take a moment to read the post she shared today – Your friends, your freedom, and getting off your ass for Love • Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life.

Lots of love, thanks to all who made it a great trip!


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