Sometimes we to just need to sloooow things down and chill

I had no intentions of writing a blog today since I just ended my Chemo cycle 2 days ago and it usually whipes me out big time. I was feeling pretty icky after eating lunch and didn’t know if I should head  back to bed or not when I saw one of our cats sitting out on the deck. I figured I would join her for a few minutes and then head in when something awesome happened. First off I jumped over to to proclaim my gratefulness for both our cats!

Here is where I am so lucky to hangout (thanks to my wife and her family allowing me to take up some space here) with our family and cats and a picture of “Katniss” below it from today.

front yard
Beautiful view from our front deck of the St.John River.
Katniss taking in some relaxing time on the front deck with me.

After that  I decided to put on a few relaxing “goto” song that I listen to when I need to slow down. One is called “Be Still” by the Killers. It always seems to make me feel calm inside, even when things get rough. Here it is, if you want to check it out.

Here’s another song that I really resonated with over the past 1 and a half also. Natalie Merchant has such an amazing voice and the lyrics are great and true from this song.

So, the point is, when you feel stressed or unsure of things, just step out for a few minutes and chill out. I know we hear that all the time from the “experts” but once you do it a few times you won’t regret it one bit and you’ll probably get hooked on it.

What does everyone else do to chill out? Please leave a comment below to help others out, thanks!

Lots of love,

PS: here’s another great article from Kris Carr’s blog on how to take breaks and refresh!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes we to just need to sloooow things down and chill

  1. Hey Ade,

    Thanks for sharing the songs, new ones for me. I am going to add them to my One With Life playlist! For me it’s nature man, just going outside and watching the girls run around the yard. Being aware of all the beauty of nature that surrounds us, birds , flowers, trees and cucumbers in the garden!

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