Celebrate the Journey! I try my best :-)


It’s something we hear almost everyday – “Enjoy the Journey, don’t worry about the future” 

As we all know, it’s something that can be very difficult to really do in life when you are going through rough times.

Today, over at the Daily Love, Mastin does a great job of explaining how you can try your best to do it and live a healthier, happier life.

He’s even got a quote for us to try to trust the Universe and enjoy the journey, I love it… check it out:

Dear Uni-verse,

Please show me the solution to my problem. I know that you are guiding me to greater and greater experiences. I let go of the judgment of my situation and embrace the teachings that I am receiving. I trust You, even if I am scared. I let go of needing to know how things turn out and instead am grateful and excited for the RIDE. I know that things don’t always go my way and I CELEBRATE this because – when things go Your way, life flows in magnificent and glorious ways. I know that You have a greater vision for my life than I could ever imagine, and so I surrender to that vision daily. Show me my next steps and please help to give me the courage to feel the fear of taking that step and doing it anyway! I choose to embrace Your Love by giving EVERYTHING that happens in my life an empowering meaning. I know that together, We are unstoppable!



Any other idea on how we can enjoy the “journey”. I think I’m doing quite well with it after everything that has happened the past couple of years and really, REALLY try to enjoy each day as it comes!

Lots of love,


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