You are more powerful than the jerks in your life!


As you may or may not know I am a big fan of Mastin Kipp over at TheDailyLove. He sends out an inspirational email each morning and I really resonate with some of them. Today’s was a good one that I think a lot of us could learn from. It’s about taking control of your life and choosing what you want out of it. Sometimes we let certain people or circumstances (relationships, work, friends, something that happened previously) bring us down, but as Mastin explains, it’s only us that can actually choose to be down and/or negative and depressed…

But being able to face the unknown is what The Uni-verse is calling you to do at a soul level. Love is what you were born to have, but you will never have it if you don’t love yourself enough to take responsibility for the circumstances of your life and understand that you are continuing to choose yourself into them. Even if you are in a situation that was totally outside of your control at first, your choice to stay in that circumstance, in that mindset and in that pattern is up to you.

The choice to change is yours in every moment.

He explains it much better so please click You are more powerful than the jerks in your life if you’d like to learn more from Mastin.

Mastin also likes to end each email with a little affirmation:

I take responsibility for my actions.
I am powerful beyond measure.
I am worthy of my desires.
Lots of love,

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