8 Laws of a Healthy Life

This makes so much sense to me. It’s a must read. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like rocket science to stay healthy, but I believe it takes all these things together. I’ve learned that a lot over the past year and a half of my Journey. Be well everyone!
Thanks for sharing Samantha!


I came across this today and fell in love.  The Weimar Institute’s approach (listed below) to a healthy life and curing disease is to have a NEW START.  This is a great approach to healthy living and the best part is, everything on the list is free…besides the food of course! But hey, we can always grow our own organic food, can’t we?!  Here are the 8 natural laws of health that we should all abide by when adopting a  N.E.W. S.T.A.R.T:     


Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and recovery. Adopting a plant based diet, especially one rich in fresh vegetable juices, will ensure that you’re providing your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.


Action is a law of life. Muscle tone and strength are lost without exertion, but exercise improves the health of body, mind, and spirit multiplying vitality and…

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2 thoughts on “8 Laws of a Healthy Life

  1. Great list and very simple to the eye. Execution is the tough part for most of us, even though it shouldn’t be.

    Side note…are the Leafs fans getting proper air quality??? 🙂

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