3 Simple (and Economical) Methods to Clear Away Negative Emotion and Toxins Daily


People hear the word “Detox” and they think of some long, painful process of not eating food and only drinking water and juices. Or buying some kit from the store for $100 dollars that is going to “clean” you out.

Did you know there are small things you can do each day to help your body remove the toxins from the body?

I think if you follow the 3 things listed below are great ways to remove negative emotions and toxins:

Breathing usually is not something we think about since it comes so naturally. But a majority of people really don’t breathe correctly, especially in our fast-paced world. The breath tends to be constricted, shallow and stressed. This style of breathing deprives us of much needed oxygen — contributing to brain fog, fatigue and accumulation of toxins. But this problem is easily solved with a bit of awareness, intention and a breathing technique called kapalbhati — “sparkling mind” in Sanskrit. The first breathing habit to cultivate is awareness of the breath. Most people only breath from the upper portion of the lungs, but we really need to draw air in fully with the diaphragm. Take a few moments through out the day to breathe deeply. By taking in more oxygen, tissues are effectively detoxified, the mind is clarified and the nervous system is calmed — leading to positive, emotional states. Next, the kapalbhati practice. Here are the instructions according to Pure Inside Out:

Drinking water seems like such a basic action, yet dehydration is common. Drinking 2.2L of water (approximately nine cups) will flush out toxins throughout the day — helping to ease the stress put upon the kidneys and liver. It is particularly important to drink plenty of water first thing in the morning as toxins have accumulated during the night. Adding the juice of half a lemon is even better as it helps to support the liver. Chinese medicine believes that the liver is the seat of anger while the kidneys are associated with fear — balancing these organs is important for emotional health. Purified water is crucial; otherwise we are simply trading one toxin for another. Reverse osmosis is the most reliable form of water purification since it is one of the few methods that removes fluoride.

Dry skin brushing is another economical and easy way to detoxify. Dead skin cells are sloughed away, the lymphatic and immune systems are stimulated while toxin harboring cellulite is reduced. A wide, long-handled natural bristle brush is all that’s needed. Begin with dry skin and brush in upward strokes toward the heart. The feet are a good place to start. Brush the legs, arms, back and abdomen. It takes only 5-10 minutes to brush the entire body. Make sure to enjoy a hot shower afterwards, drink a big glass of water and breathe deeply. Your happily purified body will thank you.

I’ve been doing all 3 of these for some time now – yes, even the dry brushing 🙂 and I really feel it helps keep your system clean on a daily basis. There may be other times when you need to try more drastic measures, but I believe this is a good place to start for anyone wanting to give it a shot.

2 thoughts on “3 Simple (and Economical) Methods to Clear Away Negative Emotion and Toxins Daily

  1. I cannot tell you how much drinking water does for me. On most days it’s a cup of coffee in the morning and only water throughout the day. When I deviate from that I see productivity, energy and overall mental function decline. Keeping your body hydrated with water is such a simple habit to establish. If you keep a cup or bottle next to your primary workspace, you won’t head over to the vending machine. Sure, you might get up to use the restroom a bit more often but chalk that up as adding a few more steps to your day!

    1. Great point Keith… You do have to be careful to not drink too much water also. I’ve read that you can flush out important nutrients from your body to soon if you drink to much. The tough part is that everyone is different (size, weight, etc) so I don’t believe there is one magic amount that people should consume.

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