Small daily improvements are what create your best life!

Photo Compliments
Photo Compliments

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Small and steady wins the race… right? I’ve had to remind myself of that A LOT over the past 9 or 10 months. I’ve still got some time to go but I’m trying to make small, daily improvements and for the most part I’m doing just that, while also trying to ENJOY each day as it comes.

As Las-Tzu says in the quote above, Nature NEVER hurries anything but it always seems to accomplish what it needs to. The Sun comes up at just the right time, we get rain when we need it, etc. Nature is truly a great role model when it comes to making small daily improvements.

Sometimes, I feel we all try to accomplish too many things too quickly. I have done this many times and I believe it sets us up for failure, which is the last thing we want when trying to improve our lives.

Author and life coach, Robin Sharma also has been quoted as saying:

“I suggest to you that there’s a better way to get to world-class within the important areas of your life: evolution. Small baby steps. Daily and continuous micro-improvements. Steady and consistent elevations in the way you work, lead and live (Dad always said slow and steady wins the race). Every dream started off small and grew step by step.”

I am making the affirmation today to continue on improving 1% at a time… how about you? What things can you offer to help us improve at the pace we need? Please leave a comment below in the comments section, thanks!

Lots of love,


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