How To Help “Control” Seizures Through Nutrition

As many people may or may not know, I have suffered a few seizures over the past year of my journey – one as recent as December.


The doctor told me a few months ago that even though I hadn’t had one in awhile, I was still more prone to have one that most people so that I should still be careful and keep an eye on things.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling weak throughout the middle of the day in the afternoon. I decided to do some research and found a few sites that explain a few key things to focus on when trying to help “control” seizures.  I found a good step by step guide over at Livestrong and although it says to “control” seizures I don’t know if you can ever totally control them but it’s obvious to do the things you can to help eliminate the possibility of having one.

One thing that has helped me A LOT the past few days is “Step 2” from this guide:

Eat often to control your blood sugar levels and limit your sugar intake. The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance states that sometimes low blood sugar levels cause you to start seizing. Eating often, such as every 3 hours, keeps your blood sugar levels steady. Caffeine and sugar can also cause a quick spike then drop in blood sugar levels, so avoid beverages with caffeine and products with sugar as much as possible.

Also, since I am on anti-seizure medication I need to really avoid major triggers like Alcohol, Caffeine and Sugar as stated in step 4:

Avoid all alcohol, cigarettes and drugs completely. Alcohol may decrease the effectiveness of anticonvulsant medications. Another threat, according to the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, is that if you start having a seizure while you are smoking, it may cause a fire. It is not currently known what effect illegal drugs have on seizures. However, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that the healthier you are overall, the fewer seizures you will likely have.
As always, I’m learning as I go and wanted to pass this information along to anyone who might also be looking for assistance with dealing with seizures.
If anyone has any other tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, thanks!
Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “How To Help “Control” Seizures Through Nutrition

  1. The concept of eating 3 times a day is a modern invention of sorts. Most of what I’ve read shows that it is easier on the body to eat 5 times a day, with smaller spread out portions. It’s some thing I’ve been considering trying out with my family.

    1. Hey! Yeah, I’ve always read that over the years that it is more healthy to eat more smaller meals. However, with everything it seems we don’t really try that sort of stuff until we have to. It seems to be making a huge difference with my blood sugar levels (I’m not testing them, I can just tell) throughout the day. Hopefully I can keep it up and keep feeling better! It’s one of those things I think would be a lot tougher if working and not at home most of the time. Time will tell.

      Thanks for dropping by the blog!

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