Is quality of sleep the only resolution you need to focus on?

Hey Everyone,

It’s the time of year when everyone’s talking about New Year’s Resolutions. I’m on the fence whether I think they are good or not — all the more power to ya if you can make changes to improve your life but I find some people get down when they don’t follow through with them (and sometimes they have more than they can handle so they feel like a failure).


Here’s a great article, from Dr. Robert Oexman,  I read on the Huffington Post (via on Facebook) regarding how the quality of sleep can affect all areas of our lives. He mentions that this time of year is the best time to work on getting better sleeps and also mentions:

It should be no surprise that people across the world are committing less time for sleep and when they do sleep, it’s poor quality. I’m certain you have caught yourself saying, “I am just too tired to ________” — and simply fill in the blank. This lack of sleep has been shown to impact motivationconcentrationenergy, and weight gain/loss. Conversely, making a commitment to get the proper quantity and quality of sleep can help you get focused, feel motivated, and have energy to achieve your goals.

That’s reason enough to focus on your sleep! We’ve been making some adjustments to our bedroom to make it better “equipped” for good night sleeps. The last thing we have to do is remove our TV (even though we don’t watch it in there, it’s still good to remove it, along with a few other simple adjustments, as this site mentions:

Anxiety and Electromagnetic Frequencies

Recently, I did some research on how we are affected by electromagnetic fields.

My inquiry was prompted by the profound calm I experienced when the electricity in my house was cut off in a winter storm. I began experimenting by turning off the circuit breaker to the bedroom.

Both my husband and I were impressed by how tranquil we felt. My dreams became more colorful, vivid and inspired. Our sleep was more deep and restful. Being in the bedroom without live electricity running through the walls felt, as my husband said, ‘like camping out in the woods.’

Electromagnetic energy fields are a form of toxic pollution. They frequently interfere with our vital energy and health, including mental and emotional health.

Anxiety detox solutions can include minimizing use of cell phones, microwave ovens and other noxious forms of what is sometimes called ‘e-smog.’

What other tips do you have for getting better quality sleep at night? Please leave a comment below to help others out as this is very important to a healthy lifestyle.

Lots of love,


7 thoughts on “Is quality of sleep the only resolution you need to focus on?

  1. We had a white noise app we used when our son was sleeping in our room. It drowned out the sounds of the busy street nicely. Now that he’s in his room I can’t sleep without it. While it uses electricity, I sleep very well with it. Best $.99 I’ve spent 🙂

  2. I love my sleep! I’m the early to bed, early to rise type and I completely notice when I don’t get my 8 hours (at least). I also lift weights at 5:30am 3-4 days/week and without going to bed by 9:00 the night before, my performance is awful.
    The thing that I have noticed the most about what affects my sleep quality the most is what I eat/drink before bed, and when I consume it.

  3. @Keith – I also have an app installed (for free) but haven’t tried it yet. Some times I wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back to sleep so I put on some light music or something, which usually helps.

    @Tyler – I really have to be careful now to make sure I get enough sleep to I am right there with ya. The kids are in bed and then my wife and I are usually right behind them (she doesn’t normally argue with that). I notice a HUGE difference if I don’t get a good quality sleep.

    Are either of your sleep schedules going to be modified now that the NHL has decided they are worthy enough to come back and play a few games?

    Take care, thanks for commenting!

    1. In all seriousness it probably will. Since we had our son 18 months ago, bedtime has gone from 1AM to 10PM. Hell, I don’t get back from Staples Center until 11 on a game night. Combine that with an adult beverage or two (ok, sometimes more) and I’m fried the next day.

      Let’s just say I’m going to have to make some positive adjustments this coming year in that regard. I think ignoring the body (and health in general) during hockey season is a bad idea. 🙂

      1. It’s funny how the little ones make a few changes in our lives. All worth it though. Think how health you’ll be 🙂 If you do get out for a game here and there I’m sure you’ll appreciate it that much more also!

  4. Something else I failed to mention in the blog post are 2 very important points about sleep and how important it is for us:

    1) It’s a time when our bodies relax and heal.

    2) I believe, at a much deeper level it’s when our subconscious mind works with the “Divine” to create what our minds want to create for us in our physical world (but that’s for another day).

  5. I won’t be compromising my sleep to watch hockey. I do on Monday night’s to play hockey, but that is the only time I can get out to play anymore. 😦
    I like to think that my muscles heal and grow when I sleep. I know I have gotten stronger since I started sleeping and resting more.

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