I’ll be back shortly!

Hey Everyone,

I decided to take a little break this week to rest up and spend more time with my Family.

It’s been a difficult week after finishing my Chemo and having a seizure (nothing to worry about, I just over did it and ran out of gas).

I’m going to leave you with an inspiration poem from Danielle LaPorte over at DanielleLaPorte.com

Courage breathes deep whole breaths

First kiss.
Karate chop.

She can not be detained by the past
on her way
knows the odds
and still makes plans to celebrate.

Courage rolls up doubt and smokes it.
Breathes deep whole breaths.

Sometimes quivers.
Breathes deep whole breaths.

Always chooses flight
no matter what.

Also, here’s a fun picture to enjoy over the Holidays regarding Courage. It reminds me a lot of our kitten 🙂


Lots of love, happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “I’ll be back shortly!

  1. So pleased you are listening to yourself and taking time for rest and family …even the kitten! Enjoy the holidays wrapped in the love of family and friends. Know that even with a break in the postings, will be thinking of you and feeling glad for the smiles I know will be wide on your face Christmas Eve and Morning. Merry Christmas Adrian!!!!

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