I didn’t take my own advice this weekend and had a seizure, ouch!

As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s very important to listen to our bodies when they are sending us “warning signals”. Well, well, well… I have to say I didn’t listen to myself (or my body for that matter) over the weekend and suffered severely for it!

I have been feeling GREAT lately so I figured it was time to get more involved and get out more since the Holiday Season is here and there is a lot on the go. I went for lunch on Friday and did a little shopping, then on Saturday I was invited to a Christmas party that I went to and stayed at until 11PM (that’s way later than I’m used to being up these days). I didn’t eat much before or at the party. Then it was family wakeup day on Sunday and we hit the day running so I didn’t grab much to eat. We had lots of errands to do so we could get back and ready for another Christmas party (sounds tiring doesn’t it!)

Later, as the 4 of us ran out the door for the party, I think I grabbed a handful of nuts in hopes it would hold me over. We didn’t have time to eat and next thing I knew I was at the party talking to everyone and drinking my Perrier (my new drink of choice). I was having a great time (again) and it was fantastic to see everyone. I failed to mention that I was also on the final day of my Chemo cycle which kicks that crap out of you pretty good so I really should have been more careful.

Just as dinner is getting ready to be served… I feel a little wobbly and went to the washroom to try to regroup myself (as we all need to do during the holidays sometimes lol). Next thing I know I had to call in my wife to help me as I’m experiencing a seizure! Ouch… I made it through everything okay and was taken to the hospital. Stayed there for a couple of hours and then came home to crash. I’m doing fine but I think I’ll need a few days to recover and learn my lesson for the next time. The major signs that my body was sending me were mainly caused by these triggers that I have to look out for in the future to hopefully eliminate this from happening again:

  • Lack of sleep (from Chemo)
  • Lack of food
  • Stress
  • Being on Chemo medication

It’s not rocket science for anyone who suffers from Seizures and/or Epilepsy as I was reading on Dr Weils site:

noted that epilepsy patients need to make sure they get adequate sleep, eat regularly, avoid alcohol and limit caffeine. Since many of the drugs given to prevent seizures can exacerbate nutritional deficiencies, Dr. Low Dog suggested that your niece (or her parents) discuss with her physician the use of a multiple vitamin that contains folate, vitamin B6, magnesium and vitamin D.

I’m doing well. I didn’t write this post to scare anyone… just to remind us again to LISTEN TO OUR BODIES when it sends signals. Also, I don’t want anyone to feel bad who was involved as these are my choices that I have to learn to make better in the future! Happy resting everyone, remember to get your rest during the Holidays!


Lots of love,


10 thoughts on “I didn’t take my own advice this weekend and had a seizure, ouch!

  1. Good post again Ade! I find it amazing that you can have a seizure and be back at her the next day. It shows your body is getting stronger and eventually I think your body will be so strong that your body will say…no, not this time. I got ya beat!

    Keep it up bro! You are doing tremendous and like you said, listen to your body and eat more Green Paint! 🙂

  2. Just keep reminding yourself that you are not Superman … At least not yet. No doubt scared your poor wife … How long before she could exhale!!?? Glad to hear you are feeling OK and recognize that green juice does not make you invincible.

  3. Thanks Chris and Lynn… I’ve learned a lot (more) this weekend on things I can and cannot avoid (sleeping, eating). I’ve done some research on the triggers of seizures and they all pretty much line up with my weekend. I’m grateful I’m understanding more as I go.

    Lynn, I doubt it’s never easy for my wife but she’s been through this with me a few times (thank goodness she’s been there) so we’re understanding what to do each time.

    Love yas,

  4. Sorry to hear that…glad that you’re ok! And I’m really happy that you got out and had a good time though too 🙂 take it easy. See you soon!
    Melissa and Tim

  5. For me Adrian I have learn to love myself within …I am always ask how do I stay so discipline ..it as nothing to do with discipline in the long term ..if you want to sustain optimal health first you have to start by loving yourself, this will fuel the fire in your belly to activate the right choice and the more you do it… the more you are great full of doing it 🙂

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