Eggs… who??


Tofu Scramble with Spinach – Vegetarian Tofu Scramble Recipe – Vegan Tofu Scramble Recipe – Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Recipe – Tofu Scramble Spinach.

I’ve recently stopped eating eggs (just my own decision, everyone has their own opinions on things like this). Of course, I need to find ways to make sure I keep getting my protein and the way I’m doing that when I feel like eating eggs is eating “Tofu scrambled” recipes.

Here’s a great recipe that adds in some other great foods like spinach and garlic. I usually also add in some onions since they are great for us also. Once you start using Tofu instead of eggs you won’t need to follow a recipe and just do what you normally would have done with scrambled eggs. Add in whatever you have left in your fridge and throw it in a wrap or on some toast and enjoy!

It’s important to always use ORGANIC TOFU when eating tofu, here’s a site that explains the reasons why with the main point being:

Organic tofu differs from traditional tofu in that the soy milk that is used to make the tofu is organic. Tofu is extremely healthy to start, packing an enormous amount of protein in every bite; it is also low in calories and contains zero cholesterol. The soy protein found in tofu has even been found to reduce the risk of heart disease. But with the use of organic tofu, the health benefits increase even still. Organic soy milk means that you are minimizing significantly – if not eliminating altogether – your exposure to chemical additives or genetic modification.

Tofu tastes great (especially on a cold Saturday morning) once you get used to eating it and become more comfortable working with it! What other great uses are there for Tofu? If you know any, please leave them in the comments below, thanks!

Lots of love,


P.S – Here’s an actual picture of how mine turned out this morning, threw a few sprouts on after the picture and they were great!

TOFU Scramble!
TOFU Scramble!

4 thoughts on “Eggs… who??

  1. Really, really good! You need to make sure you add the Tamari sauce, I also threw in some Turmeric to liven it up a little! I’m actually getting hooked on the Tofu scramble idea lately.

  2. I’m going to try this, it looks good. I’m a big fan of avocado, we eat tons of that stuff around here – I’m sad to see it not with your awesome meal! I remember not being able to get it when i was living in the maritimes last, is that still the case?

    I wanted to send you this interesting link on GMO and organic stuff, thought it would be good reading for you, and it’s from a Canadian perspective.

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