The benefits of fresh, green juicing at home


I‘ve been asked a few times why it’s important and healthier to juice our vegetables than to just eat them. I found a great post over at Yogue that does a fantastic job of explaining some of this for us.

A couple of the main points that I believe are important to take home from this post are:

As Dr. Michael T. Murray, in “The Complete Book of Juicing,” writes, “Fresh juice (in contrast to canned, bottled and packaged juices which have been pasteurized), contains enzymes and living ingredients,” which incidentally offer incredible antiviral and digestive benefits.

We are not going on a juice cleanse, we’re merely including fresh pressed organic juice into our daily diet.  What I have already noticed is that I have actually begun to crave  juice and it fuels me in a way that is so different from a cup of black or even green tea.  I am also noticing that I have a little more control over any sugar cravings, something that will serve me well, I hope during the holiday season!!!

I can totally agree with the final point. Even though juicing can be a lot of work (cutting and peeling vegetables, etc) I always look forward to my FRESH juice in the AM before I eat breakfast – coffee… who said coffee…?? I almost immediately feel great after drinking it.

Unfortunately, some of us aren’t as lucky to have fresh, organic vegetables sent to our house daily but we are doing our best – a couple of points I’d like to add are:

  • Use the Environmental Working Group’s dirty dozen list to pick vegetables that should be organic or make sure you peel them if they are on the list.
  • Juicing basically does what you are supposed to do with your food – chew it 30-50 times each time you take a bite of food. I don’t think we have the time to do that, so juicing makes the process a little easier and much faster to get it into the system.
  • Some people believe juicing is only for cleansing your system. I don’t believe this is true in the sense that most people think of “cleansing”. I believe juicing helps to clean out your system on a daily basis, which is how our bodies should work and is very healthy and extremely important in staying well – read more here about how serious constipation can be to you, it’s no joke!

I honestly believe that my daily juicing habit has made a huge difference in my getting healthy, thriving and fighting off virus’ and illnesses’.

I’ve added a few other juicing articles below that hopefully will help. I am no expert in juicing (working on it), but if anyone has any questions or wants to start juicing, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

FYI – Amazon has a couple of good Breville juicers available online. Check out the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor or for a few bucks more the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

Lots of love, happy juicing!


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