Coconut Oil is an amazing lip balm – my wife is a genius!

I have to say my wife is a genius (sometimes, just don’t let her know I said that! lol). She always has great home remedies for things that are much more natural and healthy than other alternatives. I am trying to get her to be a guest blogger on here since she has so much to offer. We’ll see if she accepts!

Ever since I began this Journey in Feb 2012, I am always looking into using Natural products for everything – my deodorant (just mineral salts), my toothpaste, shampoo, etc all have limited, natural ingredients.

I’ve always tended to have dry skin and dry lips in certain times of the year. I had eczema and/or psoriasis in a few spots on my body over the years. The other night my wife recommended I simply put on some coconut oil to relieve the dryness. I gave it a shot and it worked wonders (it also felt great and smelt/tasted awesome). She also recommended I use it for my dry lips… and who knows, it worked great!

I did a little research online and found more information (from everyone’s favourite DR, Dr.Oz) about why using natural lip balm is even more important. The regular stuff can be addictive, great just what we need… another addiction! He also recommends Coconut Oil, along with a few other natural suggestions. Always, always, always check the ingredients, even in products that you put on your body!


Dr Oz showed a diagram to explain why Lip Balm, something that seems so innocent, is actually bad for you.  You have skin cells on top of your lips and they are designed to be shed quickly.  This usually works just fine because new skin cells are being made quickly underneath the old top layer.  However, when you put on Lip Balm, it blocks the surface and so the old skin cells do not shed and the new ones slow down in production.

Any other suggestions for dry skin in these cold winter months? Leave a comment and let us know, thanks!

Lots of love,


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