Just be your true, authentic self… for real!


Okay okay… we always here that we need to be true and honest to ourselves… but what does that really mean?

I think most of my friends and family would tell you that I was always upfront and honest to them. I really think I was for the first 37 years of my life, however, I also believe the only person I wasn’t always giving a break and being up front was ME!

That has changed immensely over the past 6 or 7 months (thank goodness!). I can’t even start to put into words (although I’ll try) how much 2 books have changed my life (huge thanks to Willie Cahoon for recommending them when I started this journey) that I just need to let everyone know about:


Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer– This amazing, life changing book, is all about manifesting our dreams and the life we want to have and live. I will be honest, for the first 4 months my main manifestation was to be healthy and well (for obvious reasons). Now I use it daily to also manifest smaller things  (like sitting down to write this post and not knowing where the words were going to come from but knowing they would come when needed, at the right time – deep stuff, I know!), while not forgetting the main one to be healthy 🙂

I also strongly recommend the audio cd Wayne has produced to help you with your daily “I Am’s” – I have had some amazing results from it!


Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani – This book is blowing me away lately on how to just allow yourself to “be”. It seems to explain it beautifully (which isn’t always that easy), how if we all could do this there would be a dramatic shift in the entire world, since we are all connected. Whether we like to admit it or not, every thought and action we all have, makes a huge difference in the World – think “ripple effect”, EVERYTHING is connected. I’m amazed how much this book is resonating with me. Maybe I’ve been going through a shift similar to the NDE (Near Death Experience) she explains or maybe something similar did happen to me the night I was rushed into the hospital?

If you are looking for books on how to connect and to the Universe and become your true self, please check out either of these books, I strongly recommend both! Take care everyone.

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Just be your true, authentic self… for real!

  1. I totally have to agree,,, , about, Wishes Fulfilled, which I’m a third of the way through. I have to say, that the introduction kind of threw me off, but now that I’ve read more, I’m really digging it. Thanks for letting me know about this Ade.
    Love ya!

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