If you or a someone close to you has cancer… YOU NEED TO KNOW Dr. Bryzinski!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to write a quick post to promote a doctor in Texas who is saving lives and has had to gone through government hoops to not be in jail because of it. His name is Stanislaw R. Burzynski and you can read about his clinic and story here – http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/

I won’t go into too many details since there is a documentary that really hit home for me when I watched it (you can watch it below).

After I watched this documentary I was on the phone the next day and accepted to visit him for a consultation 2 days later – they moved quick and it scared me a little at first but I confirmed that everything they were doing was legit (getting legal records, etc).They even sent me a name of a lady who had been diagnosed with a similar condition so I could talk with her – there’s a patient group website that has many names and stories of people who have been successfully treated at their clinic – http://www.burzynskipatientgroup.org/. I want to let you know that I had a great experience with them and that I let them know that if tradition medical treatment (along with my alternative treatments don’t work out) I would be coming to visit them right away.

It can be a costly venture since there is no government money or pharmaceutical money backing his treatment – he has everything patented, so they can’t get rich off this so they aren’t interested in helping, more interested in hurting him (watch the video and you decide).

Please send this information along to ANYONE who is not pleased with any diagnosis or information on possible treatments. The medical world has very standard treatment plans for most cancers where this clinic is more about the individual and finding out what the cure is for that person’s cancer.

As a side note, I have had nothing but great relationships with our medical team and I am not affiliated with the Bryzinski Clinic in any way, I just want to really get this out there so that it may reach someone who is in need of another opinion on how to be treated. They make no promises but it seems as though they’ve had a good success rate (which is normally much better than what hospitals will tell you).

FYI – The second part of the documentary is coming in the next few months. Here’s the trailer:

Lots of love,


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